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Guinea Pig Care Guide

Also known as cavies, Guinea pigs are fat rodents from South America. They are loving creatures suitable for every household. They are herbivores and should be kept away from cats, dogs, rats and even hamsters. They cannot jump high, so you need to ensure they do not fall off edges of tables.

Guinea pigs do not require many things. A cage, food and water containers, bedding, nail trimmer, brush, a hidey hut, and a little piece of chewy wood are all that it needs.



Exercise wheels must never be used by guinea pigs because they can result in injured feet and damaged backs. A clean, spacious part of the floor is an excellent choice to leave your pet so that it can freely move around. People often buy a playpen or an empty plastic little pool for their cavies to leave them to exercise.


Guinea pigs are scruffy little animals, so you need to prepare yourself for all the mess that they will create around the food you feed them. Try to hang a little water container in their cage as a backup.

Guinea pigs feed on pellets and fresh grass which should be available at all times. Their diet also includes fresh vegetables including carrots, radish greens, and broccoli leaves. Vets recommend Vitamin C supplements’ powder to be sprinkled over these vegetables for a well-balanced diet.


Cavies need to have their nails trimmed every month. You can simply use nail clippers designed for humans to cut their nails. It is always preferred that you take your pet to a vet for proper trimming.

Guinea pigs have cute fur coats. These coats need to be brushed regularly. A “finishing” brush along with a fine comb is the best tool for this errand.


As mentioned earlier, Guinea pigs do not jump very high, so it is not necessary to cover their pen. The floor must be made of solid plastic, and there should be enough space for your pet to move about freely. Set up a proper bedding made of shredded paper and change it regularly. Place a hidey hut in your pet’s enclosure to give it a place to hide when it feels like.

Guinea pigs are gentle animals and need to be handled with care. They enjoy the company of humans and fellow guinea pigs. Once you have decided to keep them, look for a vet for your pet and go ahead and adopt these adorable little creatures!