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Syrian Hamster Cages

One of the most important things that you need to buy for a Syrian hamster is a cage. At the same time, purchasing a safe as well as appropriate cage is crucial for hamster not only for the Syrian but also for the other kinds of hamsters. So, you need to take a time to make a right decision to choose good hamster cage. Therefore, in this section, we’re going to discuss the size of cages and safety requirements to consider before paying for it.

A guide for Syrian hamster cages:

When you look at cages for Syrian hamster, there is a wide range of cages available these days on the market, but all of those cages are not the same and varies at several factors. Some of those factors are more important than the others, but all of them are worthy to take into the consideration.

Okay, let’s see what are size and safety requirements of the cage to find the best option on the market for your pet hamster.

Size requirements:

Syrian hamster is bigger in size than the Dwarf hamster. On the other hand, most of the cages available in these days suit only for a Dwarf hamster. The space requirement should vary based on the size of a hamster. The Syrian type hamster is large in size, but Dwarf hamsters are small in size. Therefore, cages for Dwarf don’t suit for Syrian hamsters.

In addition to that, each cage should have some components inside for the hamster to play with. Unfortunately, most cages lack orioer accessories for a large sized hamster. However, still, there are some cages that offer rich interior as well as huge amount of space that is useful for all types of hamster to live and enjoy. Therefore, you have to find the best cage with enough space for your pet hamster to live.

Safety requirements:

We found some basic safety requirements and here is a list of safety things to check on cages for Syrian type hamster before purchase it.

  1. Escape points

Hamster requires only a tiny gap to move in and out, so it easily escapes from the cage because of to large bar spacing. Another escape point can be demages which are made by your hamster. She can easily eat up a hole and then get out through it. Thus, check these points more than once for the safety of your pet.

  1. Safe materials

Different manufacturers make their cages using different materials, so you have to find one which uses premium materials to build their hamster cages. Some of the materials can be allergic for Syrian, so it is important to buy the cage which is made using the right materials. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the cage is easy to clean. Here, I recommend a solid plastic cage for a hamster with other plastic parts too.

  1. Easy access

One of the more important thing which requires paying more attention is accessing all parts of hamster cage easily, for example a lid, doors and more. It avoids bending your hand in order to take some part of the cage out to clean it.

These are some of the size and safety requirements that you need to know prior to buying a cage for your pet Syrian hamster.