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Is a Guinea Pig Right for You?

Guinea pigs are tame rodents found in the mountainous areas of South America. Also known as cavies, these creatures can make excellent pets for animal lovers. Experts suggest that you should never adopt an animal unless you have completely researched and read about them. From cleaning and feeding to bedding, you must be well aware of how to take care of them.


Level of Care

Cavies are messy little animals and need regular cleaning. Daily care and feeding takes a lot of time. Their bedding also needs to be changed daily to avoid all the mess created. Guinea pigs call for regular nail clipping, hair grooming, and ear cleaning. You may be able to do all these tasks in time to have them as pets.

Lifetime Cost

Guinea pigs are costly. Though the initial cost is low, their maintenance is high. Food, bedding, and health care of guinea pigs may result in quite an expense. An average cavy lives for at least five years, so you need to make sure you will be able to cater to all its needs.

Cavies and Children

Cavies are gentle creatures and must be handled with proper care. Children under six years cannot be allowed to carry the pet without adult supervision as it has small bones and falling can result in death. You should be firmly committed to your pet and get involved in day-to-day care. So, if you are planning to get a guinea pig for your child, remember you will have to look after it more than your child does.

Social Structure

When adopting a guinea pig, you must know that it needs a partner along with it. The mental health of these creatures can be significantly affected if they are kept alone. Ensure you get a fellow cavy for your little pet, but do not breed them.

Furthermore, they should be gradually introduced to new animals to broaden their social web and choose their suitable companions. Avoid keeping them near cats and dogs to prevent them from being attacked.

Learn to Communicate

All pets recognize their owners and communicate willingly. A new cavy will demand gentle handling to build trust. Make sure you give a positive impression by handling it many times a day and using treats and a comforting voice. Guinea pigs make a lot of sounds; try to learn and understand their vocals.

Considering the above article, if you think you can keep one, move forward and get yourself one of those cute pets!